Community Email Distribution Guidelines

1.       If the email to forward is a “Death Notice”, please visit our website and use the “Contact Us” link, or have the family member (or any one authorized to communicate on behalf of the family) consenting for the distribution reach out to ANY EC Member.

2.       If the email to distribute is regarding a “Community Event”, please send it to us before 5 days of the event. Any email distribution requests received within 5 days of the event may or may not be distributed.

3.       If there are more than 1 , news items to distribute, we will put everything into ONE EMAIL and will call it a “MAIL BULLETIN” and send it out with a date attached to it. Eg. “SLCAO News Bulletin for May 12th

4.       News Bulletins maybe posted in the website and FaceBook pages.

5.       News items distributed will be mostly community service announcements. We will not be distributing SOLE commercial announcements. We may include a commercial announcement as PART of an email we send.

6.       The final decision on posting/distribution of notice/s will be at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee of SLCAO with or without explanation. 

7.       The contents of the last 2-3 emails sent can be found at any given time from our website’s Latest SLCAO Email Updates link in the home page (very first page when you click

8.       SLCAO Emails will have a higher priority to be sent as SINGLE EMAIL messages due to urgency, subject matter and length of contents.