April as the Sri Lankan Heritage Month in Canada

Dear Members and friends,

Today we are seeking your support in extending SLCAO Objective #3, “Contribute to the preservation and awareness of the Sri Lankan cultural heritage;

Over the many years and SLCAO events, we have witnessed the graceful participation of many politicians to our events. Over the last 5 years, SLCAO has received many letters of acknowledgements from many levels of Government. SLCAO is a not for profit and a non-political organization. We do not support any ONE political party. However, we are hoping to work with our area MPs to make this a reality.

We are kindly requesting you to sign the following petition to support us to present this to the Parliament via a MP in the hopes of making April as the Sri Lankan Heritage Month in Canada.

You can also sign-up all the family members (over 18) as well as  your near and dear friends and relatives. Please forward this email to whomever (Sri Lankan or Canadian) you think have associated with the Sri Lankan culture and will support this initiate.

Steps on how you can take part in this campaign:

Step1: Please click the following link

Step2: Please enter your information on the right side of the above page and click the “SIGN” button

Step3: Please share the link to your immediate family members (over 18) for them to sign-up using their devices.

Step4: Please send this link to at least 10 friends and work colleagues and please ask them to circulate to more friends to support this cause, if needed please forward only the link. When forwarding the link you can have your own email body text if needed.

Thank you!

Executive Committee