Sinhalese and Tamil New Year Celebrations 2015




Commencement of the Event 6:00 PM

Lighting of the Oil Lamp 6:05 PM

Religious remarks by clergy representing the Sri Lankan community 6:15 PM

-Fathers Thyagan Fonseka and Father Cryton Outschoorn

-Pandith Bhanvani Shankar Kalavakolanu, Hindu Temple of Ottawa

– Most Ven. Walasmulle Sirisumana Thero from Ottawa Buddhist Vihara

-Ven. Nugegalayaye Jinananda Thero from Hilda Jayawardanarmaya Buddhist Monastery

-Ven. Kirinde Vijitha

-Ven. Koralegama Anuruddha Thero from Theravada Buddhist Vihara


National Anthems of Sri Lanka and Canada 6:20 PM


Welcome Speech by Mr. Naradha Kodituwakku, President of SLCAO 6:25 PM

Speeches by Guests of Honour

Mr. Waruna Wilpatha, Acting High Commissioner in Canada

Ottawa South MP, Honourable David McGuinty

His Worship, Mark Taylor, Deputy Mayor of Ottawa


“Traditions of New Year” Speech by Kumudini Nicholas 6:45pm





Cultural Program


Pooja Dance

This traditional Kandyan dance is an invocation dance conducted to bring blessings to auspicious occasions and dispel darkness.

Choreographed by Deepa Hettige

Performed by Sadali Rajapakse, Indumini Jayakody


Madhura Wasanthe

This song is from the movie Kussa Paba and presents the celebration of the arrival of spring and

The feeling of love, joy and romance.

Choreographed and Performed by Melanie Ratnayake


Tabla Item
This musical performance is in a 16 beat format formally known as table as teen taal.  This beat cycle is the most commonly used by soloists and for accompaniment in classical forms a music throughout India and Sri Lanka.

Choreographed and performed by Akhil and Ashwin


Mee Amba Atthe

This dance depicts the celebration of the New Year, demonstrating traditional rituals and activities with some of the youngest members of our community.

Song: Mee Amba Atthe by Milton Mallawarachchi and Neela Wickramasinghe

Choreographed by Therika Gayathri Ekanayake

Performers by Anuki Senanayake , Liara Wijayatunga, Hiruni Rajapakse, Kehara Fernando, linaya Weerakonda, Audrianna Perera , Oshini Seneviratne , Deelaka Appuhamy, Nethul Fernando, Gavin Weerakonda


Rang Manch (Colouring of the Stage)

Rang Manch illustrates the preparation of the stage for worship and meditation. Rang Manch is Comprised of graceful movements and gestures signifying the art of devotion and respect to The greater spiritual being. Choreographed by Smt. Kasturi Mishra, Artistic Director of Gharana Arts. Music composed by Pt. Chitresh Das

Performed by Vinuthna Dittakavi, Nikhila Parameswaran


Vaddi Netuma

 This song is from the movie “wadigapojja” Which depicts different activities of the (weddas) in Sri Lanka, and how closely they associate with nature.

Choreographed by Dilani Jayarathna

Performed by Kushal and, Raveena Jayarathna, Annika and Elsa Mayer, Chathu and Thinaaya Mahanama.


Manmada Raasa

Tamil Classical raga and thaala with great drum beats.

Choreographed by Chamindra Warnapura

Performed by Yewin Warnapura, Ulaganathan, Sineth Fonseka, Udara Leelaratna, Kalmini

Warnapura, Shankari Rameshan, Savini Welihinda, Ovia Kandiah


Radha Kaise Na Jale

 This song recreates the magic of Maha Raas, enacted by Lord Krishna on the full moon night of

Sharad Poornima

Choreographed and Performed by Kavindi Ranasinghe and Maneesha Senarath


Erabadu Aha Aralia

This dance is to show the beauty of Sri Lanka during Awrudu Season.

Choreographed by Suwini Sulochana

Performed by Bimdini Perera, Nethuli Perera, Uvini Kalansuriya, Christeen Shanica, Viruni Kalansuriya, Noella Ferdinand, Senesa Jayasuriya, Sethuni Imbulgoda, Vihangi Wijeratna, Onaya Perera


Sakura Mal

The dance portrays the dreams of a child about cherry blossoms blooming in the front yard,

Walking fish, flying lions & tigers etc.

Choreographed by Yasangi Tissera

Performed by Prathibha Dance Group

Emma Alwis, Naomi Sandarage, Neha Kurera, Chehan Marakawatta, Cineth Marakawatta


Clay Pot Dance

Galana Seetha Jale by Latha Walpola

Choreographed by Therika Gayathri Ekanayake

Performed Kiyara Kurera, Senya Amararathne, Isurini Wijesinghe, Oshara Wijaytunga


Ada Ape Thaththa – Funky Dirt

This is a funny light hearted song depicting the struggle between a father and a son

Choreographed by Maneesha Senarath

Performed by Flavio Kurera, Tharusha Herath, Nushaine Ferdinand, Dylan Wickramasinghe, Chanthika Jayathilake Methira Herath, Evan Wickramasinghe, Binath Kalansuriaya, Hasith de Alwis, Yasas Rajapakse


Recognition of Teachers and Community Volunteer Awards 7:50 pm


DINNER 8:00 pm


New Year Play            9:05 pm

This show exhibits the Sri Lankan New Year traditions, activities and New Year games.  Coordinated by: Lankesh De Silva and Suwini Wijayavickrama
Youth/Kids Band Performance 9:35 pm

Abilan Ravindran (Bongos), Mathura Nanthaseelan (Violin), Indumini Jayakody (Vocals and Keyboard), Kasuni De Silva (Vocals and Guitar), Chehan Marakawatte (Guitar), Keith Jason Silva (Drums), Cineth Marakawatte (Guitar), Nisini Dias (Violin), Vidun Jayakody (Congos), Shannon Silva (Vocals)


Musical Director and Teacher: Udaya De Silva

Raffle Draw – You could win a beautiful Samsung TV.

Dance Music by DJ Stixx – Kushmin Balasuriya 10:00 pm

Album 1: RSV Photography

Album 2: Photo credits to Ferdinand Photography

Souvenier : Click here to view (Dropbox link 320mb)