Policies for Web, email and Advertisements

SLCAO Guidelines for the Information Provided in the Web, Sending Emails, Protecting Members’ Privacy and Including Advertisements

Version 1.0, Date: Oct 13, 2006
Edited by Executive Committee SLCAO, 2005/2006

About this document:

This document is a draft document provides the guidelines for the information provided in the web, keeping privacy of the members, -email communications and web and email advertisements.

This does not address all the potential issues and should be used as a document that provides general direction and guidance. The guidelines in this document may be changed as required by the subcommittees or the executive committees appointed for the year. As per the approval process stipulated in the SLCAO constitution.

Version History:

Version 1.0 : Edited and Approved by the SLCAO Executive Committee on Oct 13, 2006 as a working document to be adopted by the SLCAO AGM. The intent is to keep a document for reference in the constitution and this does not contain a complete set of guidelines. This is to be edited again by the next executive committee or the general membership.

Responsibility of updating the information in the Web:

In all the cases Director information is responsible for the Web content. He or she shall obtain the consent of the Secretary of the association to put information in the web. Any material which may not promote SLCAO’s objectives as stipulated in the constitution may not be included. The approval of the executive committee should be taken when in doubt.

Advertisement Charges:

Advertisement charges are to be amended time to time. An advertisement appear in the first page in the area of the small boxes provided in the web are to charged $100.00 per year. This may be linked to another full page advertisement (different page). A one liner advertisement in the front page with a referenced page may be charged $50.00. The advertisement already in display may be renegotiated after the expiry of the advertisement period. Any changes to charges may be approved by the executive committee. In cirtain situations SLCAO may agree to put the advertisements of sponsors under different agreements.

Email Policy on Community Events:

The emails sent to the members should be sent under BCC so that the email addresses of the members are not exposed to the public. All attempts should be taken to avoid unnecessary emails.

Email Policy on the distribution of certain announcements that may be of interest to a group of members:

The executive committee may distribute certain emails which contain certain information that may be of interest to members. The final authority of sending an email for these purposes are with the executive committee. The decision of the executive committee shall be final. The emails should not intimidate any member or a group of members in anyway.

Privacy of Members:


Suggestions for improvement: