SLCAO Wesak Dansala 2015

Wesak Dansala organized by SLCAO

By Ericka Kodithuwakku, June 2015 (Ref: June-July 2015 Newsletter)


SLCAO held an inaugural special Unity Vesak/Poson Dansala event on May 29th at the Trolley Station in beautiful Britannia Park. The threat of rain didn’t keep the crowds away and this special event was well attended by over 150 attendees from all over Ottawa.

Representation of the clergy came from all three major temples in Ottawa and from the church. The program consisted of a religious remarks from the Bhante’s in attendance, Bhakthi Gee (Devotional songs) from the Ottawa Theravada Buddhist Vihara in Orleans and the Hilda Jayawardenarama on Heron Rd and Ottawa Buddhist Temple,
Christie St. as well as a lovely dance performance to “Dhanno Buddhunge” with the assistance from community members. Along with  the Bhakthi Gee, there was a Vesak Lantern display with the help of all three temples and the Ottawa High Commission.

Attendees enjoyed a wonderful Dansala lunch provided by many generous volunteers from the community.
We would like to thank the following for their generous contribution: Lahiru and Dulani Herath, Suwini Wijayawickrama,
Dhammi Kumarige, Swarna Uduwala, Nimmie Silva, Samanmali Gabadage, Kanchana Mudalige, Seetha Silva, Anura Ferdinand, Pushpa and Geetha Joseph, Priyanka Alwis, Nirosh Kanangara and the Sri Lanka High Commission. As well this event would not have been a success without the guidance and the assistance of the all three Ottawa Temples and a special thank you goes out to Bhante Jinanda, Bhante Sirisumana and Bhante Anuruddha.

The rain was kind enough to grace the event once all activities were completed and all were able to enjoy the day at the park!

Please check the followings links for event photos:

Album 1: Photos by Ferdinand Photography

Album 2: Photos by RSV Photography