Kochchikade in Ottawa – June 18th 2016


May 24th, 2016

Dear Members and friends,


We thank you for your continuous support and participation for community events that has paved way for many networking and social opportunities for Sri Lankans in Ottawa. This is an invitation to ALL to participate and experience a Sri Lankan event.


June 18th – Kochchikade in Ottawa, Feast of St. Anthony (Includes a Tri-lingual service)

At St. Isidore Church, 1135 March Road, Kanata



This history of the Sri Lankan Church feast dates back to many centuries ago when there were less priests present in Sri Lanka. Around the date of  significant event of a Saint, each church holds a feast to celebrate it and in thanks giving for the intersession provided.  When one church holds a feast, all the surrounding churches cancels their usual service on Sunday and asks the patrons to goto the church where there is a tall flag pole (kodi gaha) is hoisted. So villagers would look for this and will proceed to attend the service and this is why there is a large presence on the day of. Families would hang a flag on the kodi gaha in seeking favours (bhara wenawa as called in Sinhala) . Usually there are daily services before the feast and the service before the feast is called “Vespas”. There are celebrations around the hoisting and lowering of the kodi gaha. Each village/area sometimes have different traditions. While there cannot be daily services before the feast, the statue of St. Anthony that will be used for the service will be available for families to do Novinas. Please email anura@ferdinand.ca to coordinate/book the novena with the statue.


The feast of St. Anthony in Sri Lanka draws large crowds of many ethnicity from around the country who have obtained many favours by praying to St. Anthony. Thus St. Anthony remains as one of the most popular Saint among Catholics.  There are quite a few churches dedicated to St. Anthony in Sri Lanka and one of the most prominent one is at Kochchikade/Kotahena in Sri Lanka.


While in Ottawa, SLCAO will liase with Catholics and their friends to bring you an event that will symbolizes the key events of a cultural church feast in Sri Lanka.



Food contributions needed are:

Potatoes , sambol, pork ,  dhal, bread , salad/mallum, ice cream


Thank you


Executive Committee,



Picture Albums:

  1. By Mr. Patrick Silva and Family
  2. By Ferdinand Photography
  3. By Mr. Mahen Perera
  4. By Mrs. Nirmalie Silva