Guidelines for Cricket Team Selection

Policies and Guidelines for the Selection Process of SLCAO Cricket Team and Guidelines for the Players of the Cricket Team

  • Version 0.1, Date: August 10, 2005, Draft
  • Version 0.2, Date: August 25, 2005, Approved by the President and the TRI-CITY Organizing Committee
  • Version 0.3: Date: July, 2006 Approved by the Sports Committee and the Sports Director Approved by the Executive Committee on: Oct 13, 2006

(1) General Cricket Team Selection process:

The Ottawa cricket team for Tri-City cricket tournament or any other cricket tournament organized by the Sri Lanka Canada Association, Ottawa (SLCAO) will be selected as stipulated below.

1.1. All the team members will be selected from a preliminary pool of cricketers (Pool A) who are members of the SLCAO, who have actively participated in the SLCAO organized cricket practice sessions and who fulfill the criteria indicated in (3) below

1.2 A final pool (Pool B) of participating cricketers will be selected from Pool A members according to the criteria indicated below. Usually there may be up to 14 people selected for Pool B and that the Pool B will be selected and informed to the members in a team meeting scheduled at least the day before the tournament.

1.3 A team for each game of a tournament will be selected from Pool B prior to the start of a game (preferably the day before). The team management committee will try to give every player in Pool B a chance, if multiple games are played. However, the final decision is up to the team management committee (see section 4 for details).

(2) Team Management Committee (TMC) and Team Manager:

2.1. The management committee is comprised of three to six people. They include: the immediate past captain, captain and vice-captain of the current team, the chair of the SLCAO Tri-CIty cricket sub-committee, any other past captain (nominated by the SLCAO executive committee) and one member of Pool A (elected by the Pool A). In the absence of at least three members meeting above criterion, additional committee members may be appointed in a Pool A meeting.

2.2 All the members of the team management committee should be from Pool A except for the chair of the SLCAO tri-city cricket committee and the past captain selected for the committee.

2.3 A team manager will be appointed by the SLCAO executive committee out of the members of the team management committee.

2.4 At the beginning of the year (e.g. summer) captain for the current year (selected in the previous year) and/or the past cricket team manager will organize the cricket practice sessions with the co-ordination of the SLCAO executive committee. SLCAO executives will appoint an Acting Team Manager if the past team manager is not able to do the acting role until a permanent Manger is appointed which is done after people are qualified for Pool A. Members will qualify for Pool A as soon as they attend at least five official practice sessions. An official management team and a team manager will be appointed as per above criterion once at least 11 members are qualified to Pool A.

2.5. Usually a captain for the current year is appointed by the previous year’s Pool A members as indicated in Section 4. If that captain is not available for the year or if a captain could not be selected in the previous year due to any reason, the SLCAO executive committee will appoint an acting cricket captain until this year’s Pool A members appoint a new captain by majority vote in the first Pool A meeting. Usually the most senior player in terms of number of Tri-City games played (or included in Pool B) who has not captained in the prior years will be selected as the captain.

(3) Selection Criterion for Pool A:

To qualify for Pool A, a player must:

3.1 A. be a member of the SLCAO association for the fiscal year the game/tournament is being held.

3.1B attend at least five official practice sessions (all the SLCAO cricket tournaments will count as equivalent to a practice session)

3.2. Must sign a written agreement indicating the following prior to selection:

3.2.1. that he or she agrees to all the stipulated policies and rules indicated in this document

3.2.2. that he/she agree to the decision being made by the selection committee indicated in this document.

3.2.3. that he/she will attend the tri-city tournament or the tournament in question if selected for the Pool B indicated in this document unless there is an emergency situation, in which case the manager of the cricket team should be informed preferably a day prior to the game or as soon as the situation is known so that the team management committee can assign another player to the Pool B. Even a player is selected as a reserve player, he should be available during the games all the times and may require to volunteer to support the team by scoring, umpiring, supplying drinks or by any other means as required. The reserves in Pool B who help out in the Tri-city game will be considered as volunteers for the SLCAO and their service will be recognized by the executive committee.

3.2.4. that he/she agrees to the umpires rule as final during a game.

3.2.5. that he/she agrees to the team management committee’s rule as the final regarding any team selection process.

3.2.6. that he/she aware that he/she may not get a chance to play in a tournament although the management team will try their best to mix and match players across game so that all are given an opportunity as well as special skills/challenges are met on a game by game basis.

3.2.7. that he/she participates on his own risk and SLCAO or any other tri-city cricket official is responsible for any injuries or any other health problems that is caused due to his/her participation in the tournament.

(4) Selection of a Captain for the Next Fiscal Year:

4.1. Usually most senior player in the Pool A (in terms of number of Tri-City games played or included in Pool B of the previous years) who has not captained in the prior years will be selected as the captain for the next year (Tri-City Tournament) and the vice-captain for the current year’s tournament. If this criterion is not applied or in any other situation where a captain (for the next year) cannot be selected, majority decision at a Pool A team meeting will be the final decision. For the tournaments or games other than the Tri-city tournament, a captain and a vice captain are selected by the Pool A members on a game by game basis.

(5) Selection of Pool B for a cricket tournament:

5.1. Must be a member of Pool A.

5.2. Is selected at least the day previous to the start of a tournament and conveyed to Pool A members in a pool A meeting.

5.3. The Pool A members may, by majority vote during a Pool A meeting, decide to give the team selection authority to the team management committee (TMC), or decide to do the selection of members by voting among Pool B members.

5.3.1 If TMC is given the authority, the TMC will consider the following factors in their selection process: (1) skills required for the team and past Pool B participation, (2) individual members commitment to the game and participation in the practice sessions, (3) individual members team work and (4) individual member’s long term commitment and association to the tri-city tournament and SLCAO.

5.3.2 If Pool A members decide to select Pool B from a voting system, each player will be asked to select 11 players out of Pool B as per their individual choice. Then, members who get the highest number of votes will be selected. In the case of a tie, a second round of voting could be done to select the individuals involved in a tie in the first round of voting. Even that could not resolve the issue, then, the TMC will make the selection.

5.4 The Captain and Vice-captain will automatically be selected to the team.

5.5 The reserves in Pool B who help out in the Tri-city game will be considered as volunteers for the SLCAO and their service will be recognized by the executive committee.

(6) Cricket Tournament Participant Agreement:

I certify that I agree to above guidelines and policies indicated in this document and kindly request SLCAO executives to consider me for Pool A, Pool B and games that will be played for the Tri-City Tournament and other tournament organized by the SLCAO.

Signed by: Date:_____________________