Registration of SLCAO as a Nonprofit Organisation

25th March 2016



Dear Members and friends,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the steps being taken to register SLCAO as a Nonprofit Organization.

It is SLCAO’s 40th Anniversary and it is high time that this well respected and established organization be registered with Corporations Canada as a Nonprofit Organization. When SLCAO is incorporated, the constitution will be referred to as “By-laws”. Since it is a mature organization, in-order to register it, we need to call a Special General Meeting (SGM) and get the new by-laws approved from members, as per section 13 of the Constitution.

Here are the timelines that will lead to the SGM:

March 25th – April 9th : Draft by-laws are circulated to all Members via email and feedback requested till April 7th 2016.

April 9th – SLCAO Will officially schedule the SGM as per Section 13 of the (existing) constitution and send the final version of By-laws to members via email.

April 30th – SLCAO SGM to vote on the new By-laws.

Attached herewith are the draft By-laws. SLCAO had the privilege of working with Francis and Francis Law Firm in Ottawa to assist us to do this task properly and in an orderly fashion. We take this opportunity to thank them for their professionalism and patience towards this tedious task!

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Here are some advantages and disadvantages to get SLCAO registered as a Nonprofit organization.


Eligibility for public and private grants: Nonprofit organizations are allowed to solicit charitable donations from the public. Many foundations and government agencies limit their grants to registered organizations.

Formal structure: A nonprofit organization exists as a legal entity in its own right and separate from the Executive Committee. Incorporation puts the nonprofit’s mission and structure above the personal interests of individuals associated with it. There will be a Board of Directors and and Executive Committee(EC). The Executive Committee will consist of the Board of Directors and Chairs of Committees. Very similar to existing structure.

Limited liability: Under the law, creditors and courts are limited to the assets of the nonprofit organization. The founders, directors, members, and employees are not personally liable for the nonprofit’s debts.


Cost: Creating a nonprofit organization takes time, effort, and money. Because a nonprofit organization is a legal entity under federal, provincial, and local laws, the use of an attorney, accountant, or other professional may well prove necessary. There is also fees for incorporation. The fee for Incorporation was paid to Francis and Francis law firm.

Paperwork: As an exempt corporation, a nonprofit must keep detailed records and submit annual filings to the provincial and CRA by stated deadlines in order to keep its active and exempt status. Especially with SLCAO building and SLCAO Scholoship funds, we need to be more transparent and make sure the contributions are used for what it is meant. Yes, there needs to be a trail of paperwork, which in-turn will work for the benefit of SLCAO.

Shared control: Although the people who create nonprofits like to shape and control their creations, personal control is limited. A nonprofit organization is subject to laws and regulations, including its own articles of incorporation and by-laws.

Scrutiny by the public: A nonprofit is dedicated to the public interest; therefore, its finances are open to public inspection. The public may obtain copies of a nonprofit organization’s provincial filings to learn about costs and other expenditure

Please send-in your comments and concerns by replying to this email on or before the 7th of April 2016.

We look forward to hear from you.

Thank you!

Executive Committee,




3rd of May 2016

Dear Members and friends,

We wish to share the following exciting news with you about the Special General meeting (SGM) held at the Heron Road Community Center on the 30th of April 2016 from 2pm – 4pm.

Pictures of the event can be found at:

As per section 18 of the constitution we have received over and beyond the required number of votes to proceed to change the constitution and proceed to register SLCAO as a Not For Profit Corporation. We will work with Francis and Francis Law firm to proceed with the registration and will let you know of the progress.

Thanks for all your support!

Executive Committee,