Forms and Guidelines


SLCAO Guidelines Related to Steering Committees, Organizing Committees, Web Content, Advertisement, Information Sharing and Policies

Proposed Amendment of By-Law 12 (guidelines) in the Constitution

12.1 The guidelines, procedures and official forms that need to be used by the SLCAO executive committee, its members and all the affiliated institutions are provided in the SLCAO web site. A link named “Official Documents and Guidelines” is provided from the SLCAO home page to the page containing these documents. In addition, the copies of the past versions (for last 5 years) and the latest version of all the documents and forms are kept with the secretary. These guidelines include, for example, tri-city cricket team selection guidelines, subcommittee responsibilities, what and how the information should be stored in the web, waiver forms and membership forms. These are used to include detailed descriptions of the procedures that need to be followed by the officers of SLCAO when carrying out duties. These guidelines and procedures may be changed time to time without altering the constitution as indicated in Section 12.3 and Section 12.4.

12.2 In all cases, the provisions of this Constitution overrule and supersede the provisions of the guidelines, procedures and forms mentioned in Section 12.1.

12.3 Inclusion of any new set of guidelines or any amendment to the guidelines can be done by the executive committee. However, all such changes are required to be approved in the following AGM or in a specified SGM. If the approval is not obtained at the next AGM, the most recent version approved by the general membership shall be in effect.

12.4 All documents should have a version number and a version history with the information about the date they have been approved by the Executive Committee, and the date approval is given by the general membership.