Sri Lankan Sports Day (Tri-City Cricket and Sportsmeet)- 2016

Dear Members and friends,

This year SLCAO will be hosting a Sri Lankan Sports Day by combining TriCity and Sportsmeet activities together.

The rational will be to start TriCity Cricket  and Sportsmeet at 10am and conclude the Sportsmeet by 2pm-3pm with prize giving (no Cricket events in SportsMeet).  TriCity Netball events will start around 3:30pm and will follow-up with prize giving after. TriCity Cricket prize giving will be after completing TriCity matches, likely around 8:30pm.

We will be using both grounds at the McCarthy grounds and will use one for the Sportsmeet and the other for TriCity cricket.

There will be a Koththu stand and music as well.

There will be no charge for entrance or viewing TriCity games or any sports event on that day. All players selected to play in TriCity Cricket will receive custom printed T-shirt and pants. There will be two sets of colors for Ottawa West Team and Ottawa East Team. Only your name and the player number will be displayed at the back of the T-shirt. (Team names are only for identification purposes only). While SLCAO will be subsidizing most the costume costs, each player will be required to pay $10 for both t-shirt and pants. NO EXCEPTIONS, Cash/cheque only. Montreal will be participating this year as well. For those taking part in TriCity cricket, please enroll using the form here before May 21st 2016. Tri-City Players Sign-up

For those taking part in the Sports meet, there is a cost of $5 per each member and $10 max for each member family in the same house hold. For non-members its $10 per person and $15 max per family in the same house hold. NO EXCEPTIONS. Cash/cheque only. All Montreal guests will be treated at “member” rates, if their kids wishes to participate in any Sports meet events in support of them on travelling to Ottawa. Each Sports meet participant/family will be given one of four house colors. Kids can show the house color to gain access to bouncy castle and slides. . As you know, SLCAO will be purchasing trophies, medals, print certificates, incur bouncy castle rentals, facilities rentals, permit fees and Tri-City costume fees. We also have to recover some costs.

Over the next few weeks we will bring you more information.

Thank you

Executive Committee,



Sports meet online sign-up: