SLCAO MEGA Talent Show Saturday February 20, 2016

SLCAO Mega Talent Show

Date: February 20th, 2016
Time: 5pm – 9pm
Venue: St. Paul High School Auditorium (2675 Draper Avenue)

We are piloting a new addition to the existing lineup of SLCAO events and are excited to let you know of the upcoming event in align with the SLCAO objectives to promote social, cultural, recreational, economic welfare of the members. It is a non-competitive performing event. Everyone is welcome to attend!

This is a community pot luck event. Cooking is also a talent! Please bring your favorite dish to share (10-15 servings). There is a $10 auditorium entrance fee for 5 year olds and up. It is collected to cover the auditorium costs and some sounds costs. There is a $10/$15 stage pass for members/non-members performing. It is collected to cover costs of a sounds technician, lights and sounds rentals.

There are ONLY 25 time slots for acts, each act to be 3-5 minutes. For an act, no additional time is provided for stage decorations/preparations.


Eligibility criteria and stage performance criteria:

A. A Stage fee applies to perform, please check Fee schedule. To obtain a Stage pass, please fill below “Stage Performance Request Form” in full and submit before the 14th of January 2016 11:59pm

B. No age limit applies for performers

C. Any act is welcome. Only individual, family and a team of 2 is considered for an act. No group acts are permitted. A stage pass is per person, if a family or team is taking part, please purchase a group stage pass. An act can be, but not limited to, a song, a dance, a magic trick, a movement act, a comedy or playing of musical instrument. Only exception is when the performer bring own live band. 14 days notice is required to accommodate a live band.

D. Performers may elect to play with their own instrument or their own live band or a music track or a combination. If playing a track, please submit the FINAL track 7 days prior to the event, otherwise your time slot will be considered cancelled. If a track is submitted, please ensure there are no vocals in the track if the track is used as a backing track. Performers can bring their own band, but prior information is necessary to set-up. There is limited resources on stage and not all instrument may be possible. If you need to bring your band, please inform us 14 days ahead.

E. If singing, there are dedicated vocal mics. Will not permit any outside mics. If bringing your own instrument, please make sure to indicate in the attached form.

F. While we encourage acts in Sinhalese or Tamil, we will also consider English or French acts.

G. If performing a song, please provide the original composer to be announced before your act. We also need information of who designed the costumes, if it applies to your act, to be announced before your act.

H. While we encourage each family/team to take part in one performance, each member of a family can take part in individual sessions, depending on the availability of time slots.


New SLCAO Members
In align with the SLCAO objectives of assisting the newly arrived Sri Lankans, SLCAO is pleased to sponsor your entrance fee to this event. If you have settled in Ottawa, in the last 2 years or have not attended a SLCAO event in the last 5 years, please lets know! Also, on request we will announce a brief introduction of the new member in the hopes of linking them to other members of the community.


$10 Entrance fee. FREE ENTRANCE for kids less than 5 years  (as of the 20th of February 2016)

$10 Stage fee per person – member
$15 Stage fee per person – non member

$20 Group Stage fee for members, any performances above 2 participants (i.e. family or a team of 2 )
$25 Group Stage fee for non-members, any performances above 2 participants (i.e. family or a team of 2 )


Obtain your entrance tickets today to avoid disappointment! Please contact our community supporters for more information:
Anura Ferdinand 613-700-4849
Chaminda Wijesinghe 613-612-5418
Chamindra Rathnayake 613-710-8411
Gayathri Ekanayake 613-276-2681
Nirmalie Silva 613-220-0450
Suwini Wijewickrema 613-890-5566
Samanthi Marakawatte 613-406-9337


Note1: Membership Fee
SLCAO is collecting annual membership fee to maintain website (domain registration and hosting), purchase trophies/awards for Sportsmeet & Tricity, purchase cutlery for events and also to provide as a replenishment of costs when events are at a loss. SLCAO is a not for profit organization and most of the events undertaken are not meant to be profitable by nature. Thus, the need for membership dues. Membership is valid each year from the 1st of September till the 31st of August. Membership can be renewed at



Event flyer (6th of February)


Program Brochure (18th of February 2016)
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Picture Albums by Mr. Lankika Ellapola of LuVision Photography:

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Event video by Dr. Lakshman Dias

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