Registration of SLCAO as a Nonprofit Organisation


It is with great pleasure that we announce the steps being taken to register SLCAO as a Nonprofit Organization.

It is SLCAO’s 40th Anniversary and it is high time that this well respected and established organization be registered with Corporations Canada as a Nonprofit Organization. When SLCAO is incorporated, the constitution will be referred to as “By-laws”. Since it is a mature organization, in-order to register it, we need to call a Special General Meeting (SGM) and get the new by-laws approved from members, as per section 13 of the Constitution.

Here are the timelines that will lead to the SGM:

March 25th – April 9th : Draft by-laws are circulated to all Members via email and feedback requested till April 7th 2016.

April 9th – SLCAO Will officially schedule the SGM as per Section 13 of the (existing) constitution and send the final version of By-laws to members via email.

April 30th – SLCAO SGM to vote on the new By-laws.

Click here to download draft by-laws…

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